Motivation is the key to a successful life. Without motivation, self or otherwise, one feels as if they are alone and may often question themselves as to their purpose in life. Student motivation is imperative to student achievement. Unfortunately, there is no single magical formula for motivating students; however, the following tips can be of assitance.

  • Capitalize on students' existing needs. Some of the needs the students may bring to the classroom are the need to learn something in order to complete a particular task or activity, the need to seek new experiences, the need to perfect skills, the need to overcome challenges, the need to become competent, the need to succeed and do well, the need to feel involved and to interact with other people. Satisfying such needs is rewarding in itself, and such rewards sustain learning more effectively than do grades.

  • Make students active participants in learning. When students become active participants in their learning, it makes them accountable for their information. Hands-on activities are a wonderful way to engage students and to make the lessons more interesting and significant to their lives. Students learn by doing, making, writing, designing, creating, solving. These actions encourage students to think independently, and with their pending success, motivation is sure to follow.

  • Ask students to analyze what makes their classes more or less "motivating." Even though teachers may not want to acknowledge that they are not motivating their students, at times, some students do feel this way. Teachers may want their students to give instances of when they felt motivated by their teachers and the results that followed. For accuracy, teachers may also ask students for an account of when the students did not feel motivated by their teachers and research the end results. By doing this, teachers can better see and understand how important it is to motivate students in their educational endeavors.

What I Am Doing In My Classroom To Motivate Students:

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Please post your ideas!

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